GTKS and TKS – Series of Variable Speed Electric Pumps and Pressure Booster Units

The single-phase Teknospeed variable speed electric pumps are designed for residential applications as they provide all the comfort and advantages of constant pressure in the home. The Teknospeed series comprises a frequency converter integrated into the pump which adjusts motor speed so as to constantly provide users with the same pressure, even when demand for water changes

The range features a large number of models and pump types:

Horizontal and vertical pumps: TKS/e-HM, TKS/BG, TKS/CEA-CA, TK/SV.
Single pump or two-pump pressure booster units: GTKS20/e-HM, GTKS20/BG, GTKS20/CA, GTKS20/SV


Opbrengst: tot 16 m³/h
Opvoerhoogte: tot 75 m
Stroomtoevoer: één fase 50 en 60 Hz
Vermogen: van 0,30 kW tot 1,10 kW
Maximum druk: 25 bar
Vloeistoftemperatuur: van 5°C tot 40°C