Vogel series MPE

Horsizontal multistagepump

Special design features including:
Horizontal, „in-between“ bearing design, with stiff shaft for lowest shaft deflection.
Efficiency optimized closed impellers and diffusers avoid radial loads and minimize shaft loads and shaft deflection.
Thrust balancing by balancing drum with pressure balancing at the discharge side shaft seal considerably reduces the loads on pump bearings and shaft seals.
Rigid construction with pump feet integrated to pump casing ensures deform-less transmission of pipework loads into foundation.
Suction- and discharge casing executed with „universal“ casing feet for easy change of flange directions.
Thermal expansion of the pump rotor is balanced internally by a floating bearing at suction side, without affecting the shaft alignment.
Maintenance friendly design enables the change of bearings and shaft seals without pump disassembly.

Opbrengst: tot 300 m³/h
Opvoerhoogte: tot 850 m
Stroomtoevoer: driefase
Maximum druk: 100 bar
Maximum vloeistoftemperatuur: 140°C